Pitch and Purpose

Young American Sustainable Solutions Network

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Look to target a specific urban area to confirm the information is tailored to young people in that region.


Focus on something  tangible. This is more likely to produce solutions that will resolve problems 


An alumni has worked extensively with an organization similar to one we’re creating. They’re ideas might help, and also existing programs 


Exploring the model provided by the Community foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham county

Important Information


  • Our budget needs to be reviewed and approved by Drs. Young, McGregor, and Frueh. We need to be more specific to receive our visa card.


  • We have Identified both our problem and the key aspects of our solution
  • Identified areas and organizations to research 
  • Explored our solution and broken it down into two parts
    • One being the money making marketing system 
    • Process for allocation of those funds to community developing resources and organizations


  • Organization and time commitment  
  • Availability among team members
  • Due to the nature of the project extensive  research must be done
  • Where to focus our attention
  • Struggles to improve the presentation of our project