Our Team

I am a senior and the team leader of the YASSN Personal development and upward mobility are timeless American values. Working class adults and children alike are often held back in their development for the various reason related to their health and health care. As a professional I would like to, as I am able, aid them in maintaining or regaining the ability to achieve sustainable development. This is important to me because I see potential in everyone and have a desire to assist them in reaching that potential whether it be with aiding in injury recovery releasing body tension, preventing injury, or dispersing necessary resources throughout a community environment. Coming from very humble beginnings and living in many poverty struck areas throughout my childhood I saw much-untapped potential. My involvement with this project
is something that is life long. Though our project just began this year, the questions of how these problems came to be and what possible solutions there could be have been with me since my childhood. By tapping into the markets of social advertising and office supply, we hope to set a sustainable foundation to give like-minded people and organizations the ability to do impactful
work in the lives of individuals in their communities. I believe our solution will give individuals a way to confidently invest in their community by simply selecting where they do business.

I am a junior Sociology major with minors in Social Work and Cultural Studies. I am the Editor-in-Chief of Veritas, our college’s student-run newspaper, co-founder and co-president of Women of G.O.L.D., a women’s empowerment club on campus, an Eagle Success mentor working with first generation and minority students, and a tutor for three Sociology courses. Researching low income students and sports participation interests me because I have always felt investing in our youth is investing in our future. As someone who played sports in high school and still values regular exercise as a lifestyle choice, I believe increased expenditures toward high school sports for low income students is an impactful way to prove to these students they are worth every penny. The benefits they will enjoy in high school and beyond are underpinning their future accolades, and strengthens their chances of redistributing these benefits to their community in the future.

I am a senior Biology and Psychology double major and varsity softball player here at Bridgewater College. I joined this team because I feel strongly about our overall goal of aiding individuals who may not have been blessed with the same opportunities I have been given. This group gives me the opportunity to work cooperatively with other diverse students to help the community. My main area of focus was on the behavioral benefits extracurriculars have on young students. In the future, my goal is to work with children in a public health capacity and this gives me an opportunity to get some experience for the future.

I am a senior Information systems major with a concentration in administration management at Bridgewater. Here at Bridgewater, I serve as a member of the spiritual board, a member of the executive board for habitat for humanity and captain/member of the varsity indoor and outdoor track & field team. I joined the team  because it was an answer or alternative solution to a question I have always had growing up when I had friends who failed, simply due to the lack of resources. My focus in this project is to understand the strengths and weakness of some of the nonprofit organizations that are implementing strategies to provide resources for lower income areas. 

I’m a senior Art major with a concentration in Digital Media and minors in Business and Communication. I’ve joined the team because of familiarity with non-profit organizations and wanted to provide visuals for the project. My main focus is creating graphics and websites, and the group allowed me to further my exploration.